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In considering your application UKLoanshop and / or associates will each search your records at one or more Credit Reference Agencies. They will add to your credit record details of that search and your application. This will be seen by other organisations carrying out later searches.

The Lenders/Brokers will also add to your credit record details of any agreement you enter into with them, the payments you make under it and any default or failure to keep to its terms. It is therefore very important that any information you provide to the Lender/Broker is accurate because they will check your details with one or more Fraud Prevention Agencies, and if you give them false or inaccurate information and/or they suspect fraud, this information will be recorded by those Agencies and be available to other organisations carrying out later searches.

These Credit Reference and Fraud Prevention records will be used and searched by the Lenders/Brokers and other organisations to:

(i) help make decisions about credit and credit related services for you and members of your household;
(ii) help make decisions about motor, household, credit, life and other insurance proposals and insurance claims for you and members of your household;
(iii) trace debtors, recover debt, prevent fraud and to manage your account or insurance policies;
(iv) check your identity to prevent money laundering, unless you furnish the Lenders with other satisfactory proof of identity.

In addition, the Lenders/Brokers and the Other Agencies will also use these records for statistical analysis about credit, insurance and fraud.

When a Lender has made a decision about your application, the Lender may inform any broker and/or dealer through whom the application was submitted of the Lender's reasons for accepting it (with or without conditions) or declining it.

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